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WordUp Pompey! – 15th Mar 2018
The third meetup of the recently rebooted WordPress Portsmouth Meetup. Topics: open for discussion. To be selected from the topic discussed at the reboot. Expected to be picked from the following:
CSSStyling WordPress websites1
WooCommerceOnline shops with WooCommerce1
PerformanceTop 10 WordPress plugins affect on site performance
WordPress Sucks BecauseSee wp-secrets.co.uk
Show and tellMembers talk about things they've done
ClinicsWe look at members problems
WordPress.comA look at WordPress dot com and how it differs from self hosted
Open Sprint
Contributor day
Xmas Party

About WordPress Meetups

About WordPress Meetups

WordPress Meetups are regular (monthly) meetings focusing on using WordPress for business benefit. aka WordUps, they are informal get together events where attendees talk WordPress and share their experience and knowledge with others.

  1. WordPress Meetups are for the benefit of the WordPress community as a whole, not specific businesses or individuals.
  2. All actions taken by the organisers are with the best interest of the community in mind.
  3. Membership in the local meetup group is open to all who wish to join, regardless of ability, skill, financial status or any other criteria.
  4. Meetups are volunteer-run with volunteer speakers.
  5. Meetup groups allow events to be organised by any reliable/trusted member of the community.
  6. Meetups are welcoming places where everyone works to foster an accepting environment which is free of discrimination, incitement to violence, promotion of hate, and general bad behaviour.

WordPress Portsmouth Meetup

The WordPress Portsmouth Meetup, also known as WordUp Pompey!, is a free monthly meetup and community for WordPress users, enthusiasts and experts in Portsmouth and the surrounding area.

After a prolonged absence the group rebooted, with the first meeting on the 18th January 2018.

Join the Meetup group and Register to attend a WordPress Portsmouth Meetup .

Let us have your ideas and questions for WordUp Pompey! Contact wp-pompey

UK WP Community Slack #meetup-organisers channel
UK WP Community Slack #wp-pompey channel

Other WordPress Meetups in the South of England

The little red marker over
Portsmouth is conspicuous by its absence from this screen capture of Southern England’s WordPress Meetup groups,
taken from https://www.meetup.com/pro/wordpress
The nearest monthly meetups at Brighton and Bournemouth are over 50 miles away.

Hopefully that will soon change when our application to have our meetup dues paid by the WordPress Community Support PBC is approved.