WordPress Portsmouth Meetup – 16 Jan 2019 – Yoast SEO webinar and workshop

Yoast SEO Workshop

Come to the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on the third Wednesday in January for our Yoast SEO Workshop.

Find out from the SEO experts at Yoast how to get your cat’s 7,000 word post about lasagna and other pastas to be number one in Google for both mobile and desktop searches.

Something like that.

Yoast describes its mission as

“SEO for Everyone. We want to give everyone the opportunity to rank in the search engines.”

Organisers Herb Miller and Drew Westcott will introduce the session starting with an airing of Yoast’s recent webinar. This will be followed by a workshop and a chance to share questions.

The Webinar is best viewed with the Transcript and/ or Closed captions. It’s possible to follow it at 1.25 normal speed.
Slides 5 to 10 summarise the main points in the webinar, with timings. At the meetup we watched the whole webinar.


Time Item
19:00 Meet and Greet
19:15 Yoast SEO Webinar
20:00 Workshop
20:50 Wrap up – incl. more 2019 plans
21:00 Social at Sovereigns

WordPress Portsmouth Meetup 16 Jan 2019 v0.0.1WordPress Portsmouth Meetup 16 Jan 2019 v0.0.1

See our code of conduct for how to behave during the workshop.