WordUp Pompey – 24th May 2012 – UK cookie law – EU cookie directive

A workshop to achieve compliance with the UK cookie law / EU cookie directive… by 26th May 2012.

This month’s objectives are:

  • To educate: let you know about the ‘new’ rules regarding cookies
  • To inform: demonstrate and discuss some of the solutions available
  • To take action: now you’ve seen what you need to do… just get on and do it!
  • To get feedback: Tell us how you think the solutions can be improved.


Advisable but not mandatory. Visit cookiecert.com and enter your domain name. Then you can get a list of cookies that cookiecert thinks your site uses.

I bet it’s a longer list than you imagined.

If you want to change your site at the WordUp then don’t forget to bring your laptop.