WordUp Pompey – 30th Aug 2012 – Top 10 WordPress plugins

After a two month long Summer break, WordPress enthusiasts are once again invited to Rowlands Castle, Hampshire for another WordUp Pompey! session. This time we’re going to look at the “Top 10 WordPress plugins” and how to use them.

So what are the top 10 WordPress plugins? Search me. Or rather… search Google.

Unless otherwise advised we will look at the top 10 FREE plugins from WordPress.org.  A pseudo random selection from the top 25 or so plugins listed by visiting WordPress Plugins > Most Popular

Other views of top 10-ness include:

  • top 10 premium plugins – ones you have to pay for
  • essential plugins
  • must have plugins
  • best plugins
  • best plugins to get more traffic
  • best plugins for Social Media

Note: This post has been edited since originally created. The original top 10 plugins presentation from August 2012 is still available. https://rowlandscastlewebdesign.co.uk/top-10-wp-plugins/

There’s a new version of the site at https://top-10-wp-plugins.com