WordUp Pompey! – 18th Oct 2018 – Switching from Canvas to Storefront

Switching from Canvas to Storefront, with Herb Miller.

In this talk Herb will rattle through the process of migrating a WooCommerce site from one theme to another.

The talk is based on his experience of migrating Steve Goodyear’s Motorcycle Products online shop sgmotorsport.biz.

It will include:

  • Requirements
  • Summary of the Storefront Extensions Bundle
  • Considerations for existing plugins and/or suitable replacements
  • Challenges
  • Problems
  • Steps involved
  • Lessons learned


Time Item
19:00 Networking – talk about your online shops
19:30 Switching from Canvas to Storefront with @herb_miller
20:30 Q & A
20:45 Wrap Up
21:00 Social at Sovereigns