WordPress Portsmouth Virtual Meetup – 18th March 2020 – Virtual meetup trial

As of March 2020, the Portsmouth WordPress Meetup is going to be meeting virtually.

Details of links to the virtual meetups will be published on the website, Twitter @wppompey, Facebook and the #meetup-portsmouth channel on UK WP Community Slack.

This is where we’ll be publishing the links, when we know them.

Thanks to Leo Mindel for his assistance. We’ll be going live at around 19:30.


WordPress Meetups and WordCamps around the world are either being cancelled, postponed or switching to #virtual.

  • Last month our speaker was remote, and the session was recorded. BTW. Thanks Tony Blacker. I enjoyed the video earlier today.
  • Next month it’ll be both the speaker ( Robert Windisch ) and the virtual attendees.
  • This month we’re going to have a trial run of holding a virtual meetup.

Notices published on the 18th March

Link to the Zoom meeting created by Leo


Twitter tweets

Facebook post

Note: It wasn’t published as an event.

Email from Meetup


Time Item
19:30 Virtual meetup trial
20:00 Zoom – Q&A & Social

Who can attend?

Anyone who can find the link to the virtual meetup.



Other information

  • Find us on Twitter @wppompey or connect with us on your web related topic ideas using #wppompey
  • If you would like to help organise the WordPress Portsmouth MeetUp, offer a talk or sponsor an event, let us know in the #meetup-portsmouth Slack channel for the UK WordPress community.


We’ll have to rethink how to use sponsorhip money!


Do we still need to use Meetup.com for attendees?


Post trial notes

Extracted from an email sent to the organisers and sponsors.

  • We had a trial meetup yesterday using a Zoom premium account – Leo Mindel’s.
  • I failed to (re)start the recording at 7:30, so there’s nothing to see I’m afraid.
  • We had between 3 and 10 attendees.
  • At least half of the time was spent watching and discussing how WP Cheltenham’s virtual meetup was being run… using StreamYard.com.
  • They were streaming to YouTube and Periscope, and were managing comments from both systems.
  • Leo also demonstrated StreamYard and explained the differences between it, Zoom, OBS and other technology.
  • We didn’t really consider Crowdcast.io, which might be used for WordCamps.
  • We have a choice for future virtual meetings.
  • It would make sense to continue to hold trial virtual meetups so that people can get their kit nicely configured and get some experience before we have to rely on it.
  • 34SP have offered some support for virtual meetings.
  • I’ve asked to hear more about their facilitation proposals.
  • Our next meetup is a remote talk from Robert Windisch ( @nullbyte ) , already rescheduled to 15th April… due to clash with WordCamp ASIA.
  • I’ll be creating a Meetup notice in the near future.


PS. I did mention WordPress once or twice during the meetup… and even thanked the sponsors!