WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 27th September 2023 – Show and Tell

Join the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on 27th September 2023 for several show and tell lightning talks on a variety of WordPress related topics from WP-Pompey members.

This month’s lightning talks will be given by several members of the WP-Pompey Meetup group. The original list of topics for the 5-10 minute lightning talks was made in July, at the end of ACF PRO 101. We had planned on doing these talks in October, but the meetups have been swapped around to allow the #learning team to get through a busy time in the WordPress 6.4 schedule.

Potential topics

  • Mastodon – an alternative to Twitter / X with Drew Westcott
  • Web Stories plugin with Andrew Leonard
  • WPMU Dev with Mike Murphy
  • Testing Core patches with Olga Gleckler, WordPress 6.4 core triage lead
  • Underrepresented groups with Olga Gleckler
  • Slides and Presentations plugin with Herb Miller
  • PHP 8.0, 8.1 and 8.2 with Scott McKeown / Herb Miller

If, for whatever reason, we can’t cover all these topics in September we may overflow into October.

The event starts at 7pm BST (6pm UTC). We will be providing a Zoom link for you to connect to the online Meetup.

To get the link, please register to attend this #OnlineWPMeetup.


Time Item
7.00pm Connect to Zoom. Bring your own drink and chat
7.10pm Organisers’ introduction to the online meeting
7.15pm Show and tell lightning talks
8.00pm Q & A
8.15pm Wrap-up


All levels of experience of WordPress and website publishing welcome. We are a learning and development group. We welcome WordPress beginners.

Please sign-up if you intend to join the Meetup. If you are new to the group, please can you complete your Meetup profile to help us plan topics.



Unedited Zoom recording of the meetup


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