WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 18th January 2023 – Battle of the caches

Join the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on 18th January 2023 for the Battle of the caches.

At this month’s meetup we’ll cover:

  • What is caching?
  • What are the top 10 plugins?
  • How do they compare in functionality?
  • What’s the WP-admin?
  • Benefits of caching
  • Issues of caching
  • How do they compare for real?
  • Components – opcache, memory, redis etc?

And with a bit of luck we’ll

  • find out which caching solutions our members use and why

The event starts at 7pm GMT (6pm UTC). We will be providing a Zoom link for you to connect to the online Meetup.

To get the link, please register to attend this #OnlineWPMeetup.


Time Item
7.00pm Connect to Zoom. Bring your own drink and chat
7.10pm Organisers’ introduction to the online meeting
7.15pm Battle of the caches
8.00pm Q & A
8.15pm Wrap-up


the slides for the zoom meeting will be published here


Battle of the caches by Herb Miller et al 18th January 2023


The featured image used is from the wikipedia entry for the Bayeux tapestry

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