WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 17th November 2021 – Lightning talks – SEO related tools

Join the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on 17th November 2021 for a series of Lightning talks on SEO related tools from meetup members.

At last month’s meeting we discussed Search Engine Optimization. This involves a number of processes:

  • Keyword research
  • Rank tracking
  • Analytics

This month we’ll be introducing a number of tools to help with each of these tasks. We look forward to a number of live demonstrations from members and discussions of each tool’s capabilities.

The event starts at 7pm BST (6pm UTC). We will be providing a Zoom link for you to connect to the online Meetup.

To get the link, please register to attend this #OnlineWPMeetup.


Steve Wood’s introduction to the Ubersuggest SEO tool
Mike Murphy demonstrates Keyword Surfer and Keywords Everywhere
Herb Miller demonstrates Google Site Kit on this site wp-pompey.org.uk


Time Item
7.00pm Connect to Zoom. Bring your own drink and chat
7.10pm Organisers’ introduction to the online meeting
7:15pm Lightning talks – SEO Related Tools
8:15pm Q & A
8:45pm Wrap-up

To find the times in your location, websites like WorldTimeBuddy.com can help. Put in the timezone you want to convert (7pm BST in this case), and enter your location timezone to view your local time.


Lightning talks – SEO Related Tools

Chrome extensions: Keyword Surfer, Ubersuggest, Keywords Everywhere

Analytics: Google Site Kit


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