WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 17th June 2020 – Build your WordPress website in 21 steps

Join the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on 17th June 2020 to learn how to build your very own WordPress website in 21 steps, with Vicki Jakes.

In 2019, Vicki guided 200 small business owners through a beta test version of her WordPress Bootcamp course: Create a website in 21 days.

Lots of small business owners were able to build their own website…. like, a ton.

Vicki Jakes

This is a great starting point if you’re new to WordPress and want to learn what it takes to get a website up and running. 

I should have done this earlier. I thought this was more complicated than it really was

Small business owner – Beta tester

While this talk is aimed at those new to WordPress, things change so quickly that there’ll be something in this for everyone to learn from.

The event starts at 7pm BST (6pm UTC). We will be providing a Zoom link for you to connect to the online Meetup.

Please register to attend this virtual event so that we can send you the link.


Vicki Jakes

Vicki Jakes is an online marketing and website optimisation consultant. She helps creative small business owners build their very own WordPress website in 21 days with her WordPress Bootcamp and optimises their exisiting websites with the Supercharge Your Website Challenge.



All levels of experience of WordPress and website publishing welcome. We are a learning and development group. We welcome WordPress beginners.

As this is a virtual meetup attendees can come from far and wide.

Please sign-up if you intend to join the Meetup. If you are new to the group, please can you complete your Meetup profile to help us plan topics.


Time Item
7.00pm Connect to Zoom. Bring your own drink and chat
7.10pm Organisers’ introduction to the online meeting
7:15pm How to build your very own WordPress website in 21 steps
8:15pm Q & A
8:30pm Wrap-up

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Bring you own.


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Thanks to Non Stop Business Support, Bobbing Wide, and Drew Westcott for their in-kind sponsorship of this WordPress MeetUp.



Timing points for the video


  • Brief intro from Herb Miller 0:00
  • Our sponsors – redIT and 34SP 0:09
  • Talk being recorded and will be published to YouTube 0:32
  • How to… introductory slide 0:41
  • Vicki Jakes 0:50
  • Vicki’s background 1:18
  • Worked for award winning marketing teams 2:00
  • The title slide 3:05
  • A warning / caveat – it’s a very plain roadmap 3:40
  • Site’s Vicki’s built 4:20
  • 2 days! Vicki’s process to build a website 5:27
  • Search for “how to build a WordPress website” 6:05
  • The WordPress bootcamp – build a WordPress website in 21 days 6:44
  • Virtual bootcamp with 100 business owners using Facebook live 7:42
  • Group coaching session 8:08
  • After 21 days over 50 sites were in near completion 8:28
  • What did they learn about building their own website? 9:36
  • I should have done this earlier 9:47
  • I am more technically capable that I thought… 10:38
  • The process is simple 11:36
    • Use self hosted WordPress
    • Use a theme builder like Divi 13:00
    • Use pre-built page templates 13:40
    • Add structure images and text 15:44
    • Apply marketing integrations 16:00
    • Hand site over 16:23
  • Inspired by WordPress.com onboarding process 16:33
  • Why this approach works for small businesses 17:36

21 Steps in the video

The 21 steps and their timing points are:

  1. Buy hosting 19:40
  2. Buy/point domain 21:49
  3. Install WordPress 23:55 and 25:41
  4. Configure WordPress 26:53
  5. Add plugins 30:15
  6. Add theme 35:50
  7. Configure plugins 39:07
  8. Set up menu structure 39:11
  9. Load prebuilt layouts 41:38
  10. Configure the design 44:10
  11. Add contact form 46:48
  12. Integrate email marketing 46:58
  13. Add favicon 47:21
  14. Add social icons 47:41
  15. Add privacy disclaimers 48:03
  16. Configure SEO using Yoast 49:11
  17. Add an SSL certificate 50:31
  18. Optimise images 51:39
  19. Back site up 52:09
  20. Submit to Google 53:32
  21. GO “LIVE”! 54:03

How did they get on and Q & A

  • How far did you get with the course? 54:16
  • How long would you have liked to complete the course? 54:34
  • Quotes from participants 54:41
  • Examples 55:02
  • Thankyou from: HEYVICKIJAKES.COM 56:25
  • Q&A starts here 56:45