WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 16th March 2022 – Clinic

Join the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on 16th March 2022 for a WordPress Problem Solving Clinic.

  • Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to fix that irritating little problem with your website? Have you fixed it yet?
  • Do you want to improve your site’s performance, security, SEO, look and feel or content?
  • Do you want to learn how to use WordPress, a plugin or a theme to achieve a specific task?
  • Have you recently made some improvements that you’d like to share?

In this month’s meetup, we’ll open the floor to solvable problems and see what we can do to answer the questions which arise.

The event starts at 7pm BST (6pm UTC). We will be providing a Zoom link for you to connect to the online Meetup.

To get the link, please register to attend this #OnlineWPMeetup.



Time Item
7:00pm Connect to Zoom. Bring your own drink and chat
7:10pm Organisers’ introduction to the online meeting
7:15pm WordPress Clinic – Online Problem Solving
8:00pm Q & A
8:15pm Wrap-up
8:30pm Close – can we stick to 1.5 hours?

To find the times in your location, websites like WorldTimeBuddy.com can help. Put in the timezone you want to convert (7pm BST in this case), and enter your location timezone to view your local time.


Trouble with URLs

Andrew Leonard’s recent TRAC issue entitled “Trouble with URLs” https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/55209 was marked as a duplicate of https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/13459 “Conflict between post and page slugs/permalinks when permalink setting is set to /%postname%/”.

The original defect was raised in May 2010. There have been at least 16 duplicates of this original issue. All closed, even though the problem has never been addressed.

I don’t think we’ll fix this tonight!

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