WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 16th February 2022 – Performance – improve your Core Web Vitals

Join the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup on 16th February 2022 for some tips on “Performance – Measuring and improving your Core Web Vitals”

We’ll take a holistic view at the top 10 tips to improve WordPress performance.

Using continuous improvement techniques we’ll see what can be done to get our website to peform better.

Caveat: This is not about improving performance of high traffic websites. It’s about getting the best you can on your shared hosting.

The event starts at 7pm BST (6pm UTC). We will be providing a Zoom link for you to connect to the online Meetup.

To get the link, please register to attend this #OnlineWPMeetup.

Preparatory work – find your site’s rating

This month’s meetup question is “Do you know how your website scores? What do you intend doing about it?”.

There are two parts to this question.

Your website scores?

These are the figures you get from using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool for each URL on your site.

Each score is a number from 5 to 100, where 5 is very bad, and 100 is excellent.

  • 0 – 49 (red) is Poor
  • 50 – 89 (orange) is Fair
  • 90 and above (green) is Good

What do you intend to do?

If the figures for your most popular URLs are less than 90 then you may want to do something to improve the performance.


For performance measurements you might also want to try:


Performance: Improve your Core Web Vitals – Part One – Slides
Performance: Improve your Core Web Vitals – Part Two – Demo on cwiccer.com


Time Item
7:00pm Connect to Zoom. Bring your own drink and chat
7:10pm Organisers’ introduction to the online meeting
7:15pm Performance – improve your Core Web Vitals
8:00pm Q & A
8:15pm Wrap-up
8:30pm Close – can we stick to 1.5 hours?

To find the times in your location, websites like WorldTimeBuddy.com can help. Put in the timezone you want to convert (7pm BST in this case), and enter your location timezone to view your local time.


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