Belated report from WordUp Pompey! March 2018

The WordPress Portsmouth Meetup in March 2018 took the form of a clinic where people briefly described their immediate problems then we teamed up to help solve them.

In case there were no problems I prepared 4 problems associated with our Meetup group’s websites.

Suffice it to say

  1. We didn’t need them.
  2. I have been working on them.

Here’s a sanitised list of some of the topics that were raised.

  • Migration from WordPress eCommerce to WooCommerce:
    • How to map taxonomies?
    • Should customer lists and orders be migrated?
  • Any recommendations for an RSS aggregator?
  • Do we have to read all 50 pages every time there’s some GDPR news?
  • Avada theme issues:
    • Why do image file sizes increase?
    • Is it true that related posts ignores the post’s category?
    • How do I integrate a booking form?
  • Live editing with Fusion builder:
    • How do I clone a page?
    • What happens if I save a live page as draft?
    • How should I name my image files?
    • Is there an SEO friendly way to format addresses and phone numbers
    • What’s the difference between a widget in a side bar and a widget in content?
    • What’s the best way of saying “We’re on holiday”?
  • What parts of the database needs to be encrypted for GDPR? Can it be done?
  • Who can help me with my Two Factor Authentication project.
  • Where do I learn about WP-CLI?
  • Do I still need a domain mapping plugin for WordPress MultiSite. Is Mercator much better than my current plugin?
  • How do I get in the building when I arrive late?

I’d love to hear from everyone whether or not they found solutions to their problems.

WordUp Pompey! – 15th Nov 2018

Practical Security Workshop.

Implementing security tips, using, with Herb, Drew, Scott and attendees.

This month we’ll actually implement some of the tips mentioned and discussed throughout the year with particular emphasis on recommendations from Dave Potter ( @MainplusUK ), Tim Nash ( @tnash of @34sp ) and, of course, WordPress Portsmouth Meetup members.

It will include:

  • Hosting
  • Backup / Restore
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Security plugins
  • Monitoring



19:10Practical Security Tips – demo and discussion
20:50Wrap Up
21:00Social at Sovereigns

For the future

This month’s event was originally advertised as…

Shortcodes and all that!

This month we’ll be looking at the role of shortcodes in CMS and WordPress.

From Meetup, 6 Nov.

We didn’t want to change the Meetup entry since it might have disappeared from the dashboard.
Apparently there’s a bug in WordPress and/or Meetup.

Apologies if you were expecting this session.

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WordUp Pompey! – 19th Jul 2018

This month is a clinic. Bring your laptop / tablet and your problems for some hands on problem solving.


19:00Networking – disclose your problems
19:30Clinic – solve problems
20:45Wrap up
21:00Social at Sovereigns