CMS percentage statistics

As WordPress approaches 20 years of age ( 27th May ) it may be interesting to see some charts of how popular WordPress is Content Management System (CMS) wise.

Here are two to get started. These show the absolute usage of WordPress websites. The market share – percentage of websites which implement a CMS – is higher.

Oct ’22

Feb ’23

The raw data for the CMS %age widget comes from and

For trends see

  • In Oct ’22 there were 69 other CMSs with 0.1% to 1.0% of absolute usage.
  • In Feb ’23 there were 728 additional CMSs which each had less than 0.1% of market share for CMSs.
  • PHP is used on 77.6% of all sites.
  • JavaScript is used on 98.3% of all sites.
  • With jQuery on 77.6% and Bootstrap on 21.3%