Follow up to What’s new in WordPress 5.9

This is a follow up post to What’s new in WordPress 5.9. It mostly addresses some of the unanswered questions raised during the demo. Where necessary we’ll be raising issues and/or provide feedback to Marketing, Core Editor and other contributor teams, as relevant.

WordPress 5.9 and demo slides and video

WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – Part one – the slides
WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – Part two – WordPress 5.9 demo

For the timeline view the video in YouTube. Also consider enabling Subtitles / closed captions.

Follow up items

Here are some of the questions from the demo. Some of which have been answered.

Q: Is a child theme provided?

No. Not for Twenty Twenty-Two.

FSE theme generators

Generate FSE child theme

I ( Herb ) didn’t mention this experimental code since I hadn’t written it! I started writing the plugin the day after the meetup.

Block theme generator

Carolina Nymark’s website is packed with useful information about Full Site Editing.

Automattic’s Create Blockbase Theme plugin

Available from Github.

11:35 Q. Hamburger icon. Why only the bun?

The hamburger icon for the navigation menu only has two horizontal lines. It’s deliberate but we don’t know why. Maybe it’s a gluten free bun.

Q. Is some of the style being cached?

Mike Murphy was following the demo in real time, viewing as I was making the updates. He commented that whereas I was seeing the correct output his view was incorrect. He questioned whether or not he needed to clear a cache. The answer is that WordPress is caching the stylesheet in transients. They clear after a minute. This explains what he saw.

21:35 Q. What’s the purpose of these width adjusting bars?

31:26 Q. Are these patterns part of the page or template?

They become part of the template.

42:27 Q. Can we use these blocks in a classic theme?

Other follow ups

Steve Wood reported a White Screen of Death (WSOD) attempting to use the Site Editor with a test site on Heart Internet. We analysed the issue in

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