Follow up to 25 SEO top tips

In this follow up to 25 SEO top tips you will find

  • a link to the YouTube video,
  • the links extracted from the chat,
  • and a copy of the slides and chat file from the Zoom meeting.

25 SEO top tips from Yoast SEO for beginners including WordPress Portsmouth Meetup members own top tips

Thanks for your support

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the chat, both verbally, and in the file.

Note that not all of the meeting was recorded. We didn’t start recording until after the personal introductions. Then, when we did, there was a major hiccup. After silently updating OpenOffice, my machine decided to perform a Windows restart; at 19:23. It took me a few minutes to get back up and running with the same Zoom link as before. Consequently, you may notice that after the restart I ( Herb Miller ) appeared as Susan Miller.

References – links from the chat


Here’s the raw chat file and the meetup slides.

Follow up to 25 SEO top tips

One of the SEO top tips is to use your focus keyphrase or synonyms in multiple places. It doesn’t seem all that easy to use the keyphrase in a sub-heading. Perhaps it’s better to use synonyms. Or could it be that keyphrase is wrong? I didn’t get very far with keyword research.

Here’s what I’m currently getting when I click on the Get related keyphrases button.

What am I supposed to do now? Is this something I’ve done wrong?

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