WordFest 2021 – 23 July 2021

We are pleased to be a community partner for #WordFestLive – the festival of WordPress.

Lots of great activities for the 2nd edition at the event starting on 23 July 2021.

Join us there by registering at WordFest. Tickets are free! There is an optional $10 donation that can be made when registering.

WordFest Live 2021 is an inclusive, one-day virtual event with speakers from around the world.

For a continuous 24 hours, speakers will present on one of four stages and most from their home region. The event is staffed completely by volunteers with all donations going to support Big Orange Heart, enabling the further development of the 4 Health Hubs.

What’s New for the July 23 WordFest Live

copied from the Media Kit…

Photo Booth

This time around attendees can jump in our virtual photo booth and take a snap of themselves at WordFest Live.To add to the fun, attendees can share their WordFest Live experience on social media by showing off their photo booth snaps.

Games Tent

Here’s a chance to grab a freebie from our Global sponsors. Attendees can visit the Games Tent to try their hand at any of the games there. You never know what you might just come away with – a year of free web hosting, access to premium communities or maybe some cool swag – so make plans to swing by throughout the event!  

Community Interviews

Meet the community in a whole new way! Along with the fun and games, we’ve added interviews with different members of the WordPress community. Some have been selected by our sponsors, others by our organizers, and WordPress podcasters and other dynamic community members will be doing the recorded interviews. We can’t wait to hear all these great conversations.

Live Human Captioning

We continue to look for ways to make WordFest Live as accessible — and as enjoyable — as we possibly can. To do this, we’ve added in Live Human Captioning. But this does come at a cost and we need help from the community to fund the Live Human Captioning across the whole event. Live Captions benefits all attendees, not just those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

If you’re wondering how this benefits your business on a practical level, read through 3 Business Benefits of Sponsoring Live Human Captioning.


The 24,000 Steps To Mental Health Challenge

This WordFest Live, we’re inviting attendees to join us for a special challenge #24kStepstoMentalHealth where you can help raise funds for mental health by pledging to take a fixed number of steps.

We are asking WordFest attendees, WordPress enthusiasts, and supporters of mental health anywhere in the world to join us in taking not one, not two, but 24,000 steps towards mental health.

It’s a big number but we can do it together!

Pledge to run/walk/hula hoop a fixed number of steps every day until the big day and share your journey with friends and colleagues.

You can also choose to take part in our 24-hour relay where 6 participants around the globe will complete 24,000 steps between them (4,000 steps per individual).

There are multiple ways you can participate:

  • 24,000 steps in the run-up to WordFest Live
  • 24,000 steps in 24 hours on the day of the event – a cross-continent relay race where participants in groups of six will complete a total of 24,000 steps
  • Come up with your own fundraiser like some of our supporters have: 24 days of artwork, 24,000 yards of swimming, and 24 days of mindful movement. Get creative!

Head over to the WordFest Live website to get started today!!!