Follow up to the January Clinic

In January 2021, the WordPress Portmouth Meetp conducted an online Clinic. We attempted to answer questions and problems raised by members of the community. Some were answered there and then. Others took a little longer.

The slides for January’s Clinic have already been published in the meetup. For those of you who haven’t seen them here they are.

Here are a few more notes produced after those slides were published

  • Problems raised: 13
  • Problems answered: between 7 and 12.

Table of problems

Question / Problem See slide Post publication notes
1. Better understanding of SEO 14 We should do a follow up on SEO later in the year.
2. SEO and Google searches 15 See above
3. WordPress update to 5.6 broke my site. 16 Alex and Herb had a follow up Zoom call. Things appear to be working smoothly now.
4. Setting up a local development environment 17 WordPress 5.3 required the php_json module. In Previously it was polyfilled.
5. A real estate form issue 18 We asked on WP UK Slack. Not sure of the final outcome.
6. Moving SSH keys 19 -
7 .Advice on migrating to a new site 20 Herb and Nicky have started some Zoom sessions
8. How to test changes on dev/staging site 20 -
9. Migrating to a Multi Site system 20 Perhaps we can have a Multi Site session in the future.
10. How to migrate from Dev to Live 20 Another potential Meetup topic
11. User access after deletion 21 -
12. Stripe ‘failing webhook’ emails 22 Has the problem recurred?
13. Updating Theme PHP have no idea what to do n/a I didn’t see this message until after the meeting.
Table of problems and where to find answers

I only noticed the last problem when going through my emails. It appears that messages to the Meetup organizers do not appear to be logged in Meetup. I had a brief call with the person who raised the problem, but haven’t heard back since.

The problem was associated with updating PHP and the fact that WooCommerce will soon be needing PHP 7.2 to function in the future.

Note that the current Server Recommendations are: