Lean coffee and lightning talk proposals

At the December meetup there were a number of topics suggested for Lean Coffee discussions and a number of members volunteered to give Lightning talks. This table is a summary taken from the flip chart. We plan to address these during our 2019 meetups.

Type Subject Proposer Status
Lean New editor JW Discussed in December. See WordUp Pompey! Live
Lean Dot com versus dot org JW Touched upon in December
Lean PHP upgrades AT -
Lean WooCommerce email templates JG -
Lean Yoast SEO AL -
Lean Breadcrumbs AL -
Lightning WP Bakery and Elementor SW
Lightning My True Love HM See WordUp Pompey! – 20th Dec 2018 – Lean coffee and lightning talks
Lightning DNS Intro SMcK -
Lightning Favourite block and why? HM Jan 2019?
Lightning Multi Currency site for Multi Language English JG -
Lightning Apps DW -
Lightning Google Adwords SG -