Report from WordUp Pompey! 18th Jan 2018

Here’s a brief report following our reboot meetup on the 18th January.


Time Item
19:00 Networking
19:30 About WordPress Meetups
20:00 Introductions … hello I’m… and I use WordPress as a …
20:30 What do you want from WordPress Meetups in 2018
21:00 Social at Sovereigns

About WordPress Meetups

As this was the first meeting there was no formal presentation other than the 10 slides that Herb Miller prepared to explain about WordPress Meetups and what we want to achieve for the WordPress Portsmouth Meetup group in 2018. Since we couldn’t get the projector working we resorted to referring to some hard copies.


Everybody who attended took the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group, outlining who they are, what they do and how they use WordPress.

We have a wide range of skills both in WordPress and the whole web / computing technology.

Rather than writing up my scribbled notes here, I think we’ll all benefit from everyone updating their profiles on Meetup, as this is where new members are more likely to look.

2018 Agenda

From the communally created flip chart these are the topics of interest and possible formats for future meetups. In no particular order…

Item Format # interested?
Gutenberg – the new editor various 8
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) various 7
Clinic Clinic 10
Performance Lightning talks (LT),demos 6
Top themes Show & tell 6
Top plugins Show & tell 6
Page builders Show & tell 6
Hosting various 5
Intro to plugin/theme development Presentation,workshop 7
Security Presentation 10
Backups,Configuration,Day In The Life Skill sharing 10
SEO various 10
HTTPS SSL Workshop,skill sharing 10

Drew and I will have to get together to plan the next couple of months.

Since the new editor called Gutenberg is currently a hot topic, will affect us all, and I’d pre-filled the meetup for Feb, we might as well start there. To prepare some of us are going to WordUp Brighton to learn from Tammie Lister, design lead for Gutenberg.

And we’ll also hear Dave Potter’s talk on Security.


Finally, thanks to redIT for sponsoring the venue, and oik-plugins for the Meetup account which we’ll use until our group is officially formalised by the WordPress community.