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If you are fairly new to WordPress you may not have registered yourself with or Here are some notes on registering, creating your avatar (gravatar) and other things you can do in the wonderful world of WordPress.

Getting started

Click on the links below and fill in the boxes

Register on

Register on as a user

Create your Globally Recognised Avatar (gravatar)

Start contributing

  1. Login to
  2. Vote on your favourite plugin .e.g. oik
  3. View the plugin’s forum and/or FAQ
  4. Vote on the plugin’s compatibility with the version of WordPress you’re using
  5. If you’ve recently updated a plugin which has broken your site, view the other versions. It may be possible to revert to a previous version.
  6. Do something else. Go explore.
  7. Come back to this site and register… if the option’s available to you.