Report from WordUp Brighton – 17 Oct 2011

I really enjoyed my brief visit to Brighton for October’s WordUp. James Seymour-Lock, from Simple as Milk, talked about his design method, his love of fonts, typography and using grid based frameworks for implementing responsive designs, and his hatred of poor contrast. I’m looking forward to seeing the final version of the responsive pages. I wonder if the contrast on the unhovered h1 logo will be enhanced *)

If you don’t know what we mean by responsive design take a look here 21 Examples of Responsive WordPress Websites that Look Beautiful on Any Device

I had time for a quick pint before catching the return train, and had a brief discussion with Paul Bunkham about Links and Blogrolls. He convinced me that, rather than faffing about with the Links functionality (a standard part of WordPress), I should look at using Custom Post types  So on the train back to Rowlands Castle (via Havant) that’s what I did.

  • Using custom-post-type-ui
  • I created a new custom post type called “clink” (for Custom Links), with featured image thumbnail and custom fields
  • added a custom taxonomy called “clinktype”
  • then created a clink or two
  • I then set about changing my (prototype) [ bw_pages] shortcode.

I didn’t manage to achieve a separate field for the link URL – I just put it into the content – NOR did I get the image to display. But by the time I got off the train I was very happy with what I’d achieved; a list of clinks associated to a particular category in the middle of my content.

So sometime soon I’ll be able to make the Away page do what it’s supposed to do.