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WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 18th November 2020 – WP Plugin Presentation

WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup – 18th November 2020 – WP Plugin Presentation

Join the WordPress Portsmouth Online Meetup on 18th November 2020 for a WordPress plugin presentation by Joe A Simpson Jr.

Lucky 7: Don’t Install ANYTHING ’til You Hear This WordPress Plugin Presentation

Joe A Simpson Jr

Most of us hit the ground running with WordPress – we have a site to build for a client or ourselves and install ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help us achieve our goals. As a WordCamp Lead and WordPress Meetup Organizer, I often have to talk the aforementioned builders off of the ledge with the tips contained in this presentation.

I will share my Lucky Seven, a few must-have WordPress Plugins everyone should use, and why you should be using each. We will also chat about how plugins help you achieve your goals, level up, add value to your work with WordPress.

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